Your Community Needs You Now More Than Ever!

Local small businesses are community stewards whose impact is profound – they create job opportunities, infuse dollars into the local economy that help sustain vital services, and represent the heartbeat and soul of the local communities.

In times of need and tragedy, they are often the first to step up – and now is the time to give back to them, since small businesses are now paying a hefty price for measures that were intended to limit the spread of the pandemic.  

So, how can we show up for our community coming out of COVID-19 and support our local businesses, and help our favorite mom and pop stores, restaurants, and small fitness studios survive?

Here are some ways to support your local community:

Small businesses have had the weight of the world on them throughout these past few months, not only worrying about their job and family, but also worrying about the jobs of their employees and their families who also count on that paycheck.  So many small-business owners have put their whole heart and soul into their business, but have been depleted financially and in other ways.

Visit Your Neighborhood Shops

Local businesses are eagerly awaiting their community to visit them.  Take your mask and stop by even if just to say hi and buy one little item – kindness is so appreciated! 

Takeout or Delivery Order

Order Takeout or Delivery from your local restaurants.  Whether you feel ready to dine in and shop in the local stores or not, you can still support local businesses by also ordering takeout.

Buy Gift Cards

Your local shops and favorite restaurants need your continued support, and you can provide a quick and easy contribution by purchasing gift cards – and what a great gift it makes for so many occasions.

Support Local Charities

Local charities support your community everyday, see if there are ways you can support them now by volunteering your time (there are many online opportunities as well), donating money or donating food to a local food bank.

Be Understanding and Patient

Reopening a business is more than just opening the front door and turning on the lights – there’s now a need for many to go through the costly and time-consuming process of substantially restructuring their business.  It can be adding plexiglass to the checkout station, installing social distancing decals on the floor, moving fixtures and furniture in order to create a more spacious layout, etc.

In many cases, places are working at a reduced capacity and/or under new guidelines for conducting business, so you may encounter longer waits or out-of-stock items. While businesses want nothing more than to be able to meet your needs, some may not be able to right now; see how you can show grace and patience, remembering that they’re working hard to stay open and serve the community.

Share The Love

Raise your voice in support of your favorite local restaurants, shops and entertainment venues – vote for them, share on social media, write reviews, etc.

In supporting them, you support your community – and it’s in staying together that we can get through challenges.

These are just some of the ways we can be there for our community now; check out this informative infographic for more ideas on how to support our local businesses.

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