The Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products!

With harsh chemicals and toxic fumes released into the atmosphere, it’s no surprise that people are often hesitant to hire cleaning companies based on the type of cleaning products they use. At Clean Works we pride ourselves on the fact that we only use products that have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high quality standards, including reduced environmental and health concerns compared with other common products and services. Going green gives our company a competitive advantage and also ensures your home is a clean and safe environment. Here a just a few benefits you can receive when using green, Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Benefit #1 You will have a healthier home!

Toxic cleaning sprays can greatly increase the chances of a household member developing respiratory problems as well as asthma. These toxic chemicals can also enter the skin or be breathed in. Going green ensures that your family members especially children and pets who may have a weaker immune system, will not be subjected to long term problems with their lungs, or other internal organs.

Benefit #2 Less Antibacterial Agents!

Many green or Eco-friendly cleaning products contain little to no antibacterial agents. While antibacterial soaps were once viewed as a positive solution for cleaning, they can come with detrimental health problems. Antibacterial agents can cause bacterial resistance to antibiotics over time. It can also throw off your hormonal balance and is known to cause thyroid problems over the course of a few years.

Benefit #3 It will save you money!

Using green cleaning products reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals needed and overall chemical consumption which in turn, saves the cleaning company and customer a significant amount of money. It can also save companies a great deal of money as well by reducing illnesses in the workplace. For example, any school that has a regular janitorial company that comes to clean their facility with green cleaning products will see a reduced amount of sick days taken by teachers and children who are able to attend school on a regular basis. It also saves the cleaning company money by reduced sick days and less worker compensation claims due to health problems from harmful chemicals.

Benefit #4 It does not leave a carbon footprint!

Going green can lessen water pollution, air pollution, climate change, and ozone depletion. Green products can also great increase recycling practices because it often allows cleaners to use less raw materials and greatly decrease the amount of toxic products that need to be disposed.

The research and analysis makes it very obvious that going green is the way of the future. Before using any cleaning products always make sure they have been tested for harsh chemicals and have been approved by a government regulated agency. Your friends, family, children and pets will be sure to thank you.