Window Cleaning


On sunny days when you open your curtains to let the light in, do you see dirt and fingerprints instead of crystal clear glass? The windows in your home provide sunlight to each room, and when they’re dirty, it’s easy to notice.

Properly cleaned windows brighten up a room and allow your family members and guests the ability to see views to the outside without any smudges.

Windows come in various shapes and sizes and if you haven’t recently replaced the windows in your home, you might not be sure what kind of windows they are. Rest easy, CleanWorks can take care of all of them using our Residential Window Cleaning Services, no matter their size, shape and location. Whether you have fixed pane or double hung windows, our team members will be able to come in and make them look showroom new.

Beyond just aesthetics, cleaned windows are much more sanitary than dirty windows that have a buildup of dirt and bacteria. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or sensitivity to dust or bacteria, making sure your windows are clean can make all the difference.

Your windows will be taken care of by our team members who will come in and assess the project and use the best cleaning materials on your windows to scrub the surfaces clean, leaving behind spotless glass. Since our method does not leave behind any streaks or residue, your windows will stay cleaner longer.

Give CleanWorks a call today to see how our experienced team can help you make the most of your home or office space: (717) 509-1453.