Protect Your Carpet Investment!

With carpet now costing anywhere from 30 to 40 dollars per square yard, it is certainly a large investment for your home or business. That’s why it is extremely vital to protect that investment and get the most for your money. Here are a few tips that will extend the longevity of your carpets.

First, you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned to maintain it. Many carpet manufacturers and experts will recommend that your carpet should be cleaned every 18-24 months on average. Heavy traffic areas like living rooms, or entertainment rooms may require you to get them cleaned every 12 months. Other factors such as having children or pets can greatly contribute to your carpets compiling more soil and ultimately forcing you to get them cleaned. Depending on where you live in the country will also make an impact on how often your carpets need to be cleaned. For example, if you live in the Northeastern region of the United States there is a good chance that you are tracking mud, snow, and salt into your home during the winter months. These elements can greatly diminish your carpet over time, which is why getting them cleaned during the 18-24 month period is so critical to protecting your carpet long-term.

In addition, you will want to re-apply carpet protector to your carpet. You can request this to be applied when you get your carpets professionally cleaned. The soil resistor that is built into stain resistant nylon carpet can be greatly reduced over time especially in high traffic areas of your home. Scotchguard and DuPont have protectors that can continuously be re-applied over time. This will not only make your carpets look more visually appealing, but will also maintain the overall quality of the carpet.

Lastly, you need to vacuum your carpets on a daily basis. It is recommended to vacuum your carpets twice a week because much of the soil trapped in your carpet cannot be seen by the human eye. Soil contains various sand particles. Over time, these particles will cut the fiber of your carpet and can cause premature wear. Human skin cells can also create buildup in your carpet that cannot be seen. A human sheds over 1 million skin cells per hour. Over the course of a year these mingle with airborne soil particles and accumulate into several pounds that gets buried into carpet. Vacuuming will protect your carpet from the things you are unable to see.

These tips will not only keep your carpet looking brand new, but will also extend the life of your carpet and keep you and your family and safe!