Keep your workplace clean, and your employees safe!

A clean workplace not only makes a lasting impression on your prospective and current clients, but can also keep you and your employees safe! Here are five reasons your staff will be safer in a clean environment.

First, is the importance of proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials. When you allow trash to pile up it will not only produce clutter, but will also present a breeding ground for pests and other harmful insects. These pests can carry diseases which can be harmful to your employees and have negative effects on their immune systems. You can also reduce the spread of germs by placing “no-touch” wastebaskets in key locations throughout your facility.

Furthermore, another way you can keep your workplace clean and safe is by using disinfectants when cleaning regularly. Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, including the flu. Germs can easily spread through a workplace, especially during the “flu season” months. Use EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectants to protect your surfaces and stop germs in their tracks.

In addition, clean and dry floors will ensure that no one in your company can get injured by slipping or falling. Use absorbent materials when cleaning your floor. This will ultimately prevent moisture and soil from the bottom of employees shoes to become hazardous. Know the difference between alkaline cleaners and acidic cleaners. This will not only protect your employees from harsh chemicals but will protect your flooring depending on what type of cleaning solution is being used.

Cleaning your light fixtures can also improve employee safety. Dirty light fixtures can significantly reduce lighting effects. Over time, these diminished lighting effects will make it harder for employees to see and perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Light fixtures attract dust regularly so it is in the best interest of a business to dust light fixtures on a bi-weekly basis.

Lastly, another way that you can keep your employees safe is keeping your ventilation ducts clean. Improper air filtration can cause air pollutants to significantly diminish your air quality. Over time this can cause upper and lower respiratory problems in many of your employees or yourself. Microbial growth and odor can also become a concern by not cleaning your duct work. It is expected that you will need to replace your HVAC system every few years to also decrease the buildup of air pollutants.

Following these precautions will not only make your workplace more presentable, but will keep you and your employees healthy on a long-term basis.