How To Keep Your Home Clean and Well Maintained As Winter Approaches!

Many people focus on cleaning and maintaining their homes primarily during the spring season months. However, shouldn’t we view the fall season as just as important of a time to do some deep cleaning? During the fall season you’re preparing to shut yourself inside for months. With all of the dust and dirt your home has been collecting during the hot, dusty, days of summer it is imperative that you keep your house sanitary to ensure that your air quality is exceptional. Here are just a few winter cleaning tips and tricks you can use to keep your house looking pristine as the temperature begins to drop.  

1. Replace the filters in your HVAC system. 

As the temperature begins to drop, you will find yourself using your home furnace more often which means that your air filter will begin to accumulate dust particles at a much faster rate. It is recommended that you change your air filter every 1-2 months during the winter season to ensure that those dust particles do not affect your respiratory system. 

2. Flush Out Your Water Heater. 

Over time, sediment can begin to build up within your water heater. This can cause long term damage to your water heater if it is not flushed out at an appropriate time. Having hot water is most critical during the winter months, so be sure to flush the water heater through the drain valve to ensure you will not have any issues.

3. Keep Your Windows Clean!

It is estimated that dirty windows can decrease the amount of daylight that illuminates into your home by 15%-30%! With daylight hours being drastically cut during the winter, the last thing you want is to have a home that is dark almost 24 hours a day. Keep your windows clean by calling a professional window cleaning company or by cleaning them yourself with a homemade cleaning solution of water, vinegar, dish detergent and a microfiber cloth.  

4. Wash and Disinfect Wastebaskets.

Be sure to disinfect your wastebaskets by mixing vinegar and water (50/50) together to create a safe and quick cleaning solution. Let this solution sit within your wastebasket for a few hours outside before dumping them out. Then use a bristle brush and begin scraping off any remaining trash particles around the wastebasket. This is critical because people are in their homes far more during the winter. This means that you will be in direct contact with wastebaskets daily and will need to ensure that they are not dirty or covered with harmful bacteria.  

5. Get your carpets professionally cleaned!

Get your carpets cleaned! As winter approaches they will only get worse with all of the mud, dirt and salt that will be tracked into your home. It is quite common to find grass clippings or even sand that has been tracked through your home from the summer months and early fall as well. 

The first day of the winter solstice is December 21st. You have less than two months to prepare your home for the upcoming season! Be sure to follow these tips and strategies to ensure that your home is ready for whatever mother nature brings.