How Does Clean Works Stand Apart From Other Conventional Blind Cleaning Companies?

Here at Clean Works we take pride in the fact that we are the only blind cleaning company within Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With so many repeat customers for our blind cleaning services, people often ask, “What are you doing that other cleaning companies frankly aren’t doing?” Here are just a few reasons why Clean Works is second to none when it comes to blind cleaning.

#1. We clean a wide variety of blinds.

Other blind cleaning companies may only stick to just cleaning Mini and Micro-mini blinds. While we do clean mini and micro-mini blinds we also service vertical blinds, wooden blinds, duettes, Venetian blinds, pleated shades and even silhouettes/luminettes. Some of the blinds we service range anywhere from 20-150 dollars in price. Our customers can save hundreds of dollars by getting their blinds cleaned on a regular basis as opposed to having to constantly replace their existing blinds.

#2. We remove every inch of dirt with an Ultrasonic cleaning process.

Clean Works prides itself in innovation. One of the most innovative methods of cleaning we have adopted was the purchase of our ultrasonic cleaning tank. Our ultrasonic cleaning process removes dirt, dust and smoke film using sound waves. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, there is no scratching, streaking, smearing or other damage that can be inflicted on blinds. Our specially formulated rinse helps repel dust, allowing your blinds to stay cleaner, longer. During this cleaning process the head rails are also lubricated. This will ensure that your blinds operate more efficiently day in, and day out.

#3. We go to great lengths to provide convenience and quality to our clients.

Our clients are our number priority, hands down. We always strive to provide them with top-quality service and convenience. For blind cleaning services, we offer a same-day service. Clients can drop off their blinds at our corporate location (2733 Columbia Ave, Lancaster, PA), or we can pick-up, deliver and re-hang your blinds for you at your place of residence or business. If your blinds are damaged, we can also repair them for you in addition to cleaning them! Because we take pride in our business, we also provide a 100% guarantee on our work.

Clean Works Services, Inc. strives to be the best blind cleaning company in the country. After getting your blinds cleaned at Clean Works we guarantee that they will last longer and look better. They will also be free of dust, pollen and grease, and will smell and work like new again. Give us a call today to schedule a time for us to pick up your blinds or drop them off at our corporate location on Columbia Avenue. You’ll be glad you did!