Floor & Carpet


Maintaining the floors and carpets of well-trafficked areas in your office is more than a chore. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle. Even the most durable flooring materials lose their luster over time, and restoring that showroom look becomes more and more difficult.

CleanWorks is your answer to floor and carpet care.

Our team of skilled cleaning professionals has all the tools your facility’s floors need to look virtually brand-new.

Consider which of our array of care options is right for your facility:

Carpet Cleaning

An ongoing commercial carpet-cleaning program is the best way to ensure your carpet doesn’t succumb to staining and discoloration. Once we develop a cleaning schedule that works for you, our expert team members will begin stain removal efforts using techniques that really work.

Our process has four important stages:


Regular vacuuming of your carpets will ensure that the dirt and debris in the fibers won’t cause lasting damage.


Carpet bonneting employs a rotary floor machine for a more aggressive clean than vacuuming provides.

Foam Encapsulation

Using dry foam, soil and debris are encapsulated and suspended for removal with a vacuum cleaner.

Hot Water Extraction

With truck-mounted technology, carpet is treated to a restorative clean with hot water and powerful cleaning agents.

The gold standard for carpet restoration is hot water extraction on a regular basis, so depending on the needs of your business; your floors might require a restorative clean more or less frequently than your competitors. Our hot water extraction system blasts 210-degree water deep into the fibers of your carpet, then uses technology to draw the dirty water back out.

Floor Care

When vinyl and linoleum become dull, people take notice. Our hard surface floor care program is the best way to address floors that have lost their glow, as required by manufacturer.

Here are our recommendations for floor care:


Buffing and Burnishing. Your floor should be mopped, buffed with a low-speed buffer, burnished to restore shine, and then mopped a final time.


Scrubbing and Recoating. This process includes scrubbing debris, wet mopping to remove the slurry, rinsing the floor, and then applying two coats of solid finish.


Stripping and Finishing. When your floor needs the total treatment, the finish is stripped and four coats of high-gloss finish are applied for maximum shine.

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