You Focus on Making Money; We Focus on Keeping Your Business Clean

Whether you’re a large operation or a small office, your place of business conveys your brand, demonstrates your values, and communicates a message to both employees and visitors.  What does your establishment say about you?

At CleanWorks, we understand that the floors, walls, windows and doors of your office space show how you care for your clients/customers, other visitors, and employees – and know what it takes to keep the place impeccable, so that everyone who walks through your doors will know the quality of your business.

Your search for a trustworthy team of commercial cleaning services ends right here – with CleanWorks, Lancaster PA’s favorite commercial cleaning company.

Our focus is on quality, and for us “clean” means top to bottom remediation of your office, with the goal of helping you reclaim your space with high-end services that’ll make each room look brand new.

Over the last three decades, CleanWorks has been focused on revolutionizing the cleaning industry by blending the best quality standards in the business with the latest in cleaning technology.

Services we offer can be tailored to fit your company’s needs, based on your facility size, mission, values, brand, budget, and more, and can include all or any of the following:

Janitorial Service – We’ll develop a custom, ongoing maintenance plan to keep your office looking immaculate with a schedule that works for you, depending on the needs of your business, with the goal to provide a healthy, stress-free, refreshed, and rejuvenated work environment.

Facility Manager – We can act as one and ensure your facility is kept in pristine condition – from vacuuming and trash removal to carpet services and stone care; or,

we can supplement your facility’s management efforts and do the heavy lifting with ultrasonic blind cleaning, construction cleaning, pressure washing – anything you can’t handle yourself.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning – Our floor and carpet services include regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris from your establishment; carpet spotting for accidents, bonneting, foam encapsulation, and hot water extraction—the gold standard in carpet cleaning.

Window Cleaning – See the luster in your windows once again as our team members wash even the hardest-to-reach windows of your business with the greatest attention to detail for crystal clarity.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning – We boast the best in ultrasonic technology and can remove the blinds in your office and transport them to our facility to blast away dirt, buildup, allergens, irritants, and discoloration for new-looking blinds.

Commercial Construction Cleaning Service – This is one of the more requested cleaning services we offer as a convenient solution.  Construction creates a huge amount of dust that lands not just on surfaces but also in air vents and in between tiles, and cleaning up after construction projects without professional help can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming and overall more expensive.

Day Porter Services – When it comes to your business, appearance is everything, and we’ll take care of the numerous little things that need to be done to ensure that everything in the building is running smoothly, such as taking the garbage out, taking care of spills, and other necessary but bothersome chores that make your workplace safe and comfortable.

Power Washing – The appearance of the building your business resides in says a lot to everyone who comes through your doors – our Commercial Power Washing Service ensures your business is looking its absolute best and you’re always putting your best foot forward.

At CleanWorks, we don’t stop at simply offering better products and services – we are committed to industry leadership by consistently providing the best, challenging the status quo, and innovating.

To ensure protection and safety of both our workers and the places we clean, CleanWorks’ efforts are backed by a comprehensive insurance policy, and all of our technicians hold the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.

We start by looking at your office from the standpoint of health, and make a qualified assessment of services that your business will benefit from.  Together, we develop a plan that will be to everyone’s satisfaction, and then we apply the best practices in the cleaning industry, so that you have a comfortable, inviting, and healthy place to work in.

Finally, you can also rest assured we use products that have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our high quality standards, including reduced environmental and health concerns, being pet and kid-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning service or a long-term solution, your satisfaction is our business, so we guarantee the best service on every job and are committed to correcting anything that has not met or exceeded your expectations.

You will have peace of mind knowing that you can focus on your business – and let us take care of your office with our high quality business cleaning services.

Take steps today to receive commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and other types of professional cleaning services that far exceed just the appearance of cleanliness.  To learn more about the Janitorial Service/ongoing maintenance plan and other services we provide, call us today at (717) 509-1453, or schedule an appointment right here: