Why Is My Carpet Spotted?

Carpets are beautiful floor features that can instantly transform the overall look and feel of any home.  

However, carpets can be sensitive and lose their attractive appeal if not properly cared for – and one of the main causes your carpet can lose its appearance is discoloration.

Here’s what could be causing your carpet to look spotted:

Ordinary dirt and grease spots created by food spills and normal use can usually be removed if treated promptly or cleaned by a professional cleaner, but a much more serious kind of stain or color loss is caused by a variety of chemical ingredients found in dozens of common household products.

Most of us are aware of the danger of leaving household cleaners, bleaches, insecticides, polishes, and medications around children and pets, yet many people do not realize that these same products often contain ingredients that can cause irreversible damage to your carpet.

Different chemicals affect different colors and dyestuffs differently, and they also react differently under various weather conditions.  Generally speaking, red spots on tan or beige carpet may suggest strong acids; green or blue stains may indicate sunlight combined with a chemical; and yellow stains may be caused by strong oxidizers or bleaches, and more.

When there’s a spot on your carpet and you use over the counter products to clean it, the residue remains.  Most likely, it won’t get professionally cleaned for some time after, often a year from the time you applied the regular carpet-cleaning product.  The issue is, when the carpet gets professionally cleaned it can cause color to come out – quite often looking like bleach stains.

The hardest discoloration problem to correct is bleaching.  Trying to solve the problem on your own is truly a waste of time – save your efforts and seek the help of professionals carpet cleaning services.

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