How to Sanitize Your Business As We Open After the Pandemic

As public spaces and workplaces begin to open up, it’s important, now more than ever, to focus on cleanliness and sanitizing all around.

Here are some tips on sanitizing and disinfecting your business as we open after the pandemic:

The best time to clean, sanitize, or disinfect a building is when it’s empty, and it’s also the safest time.  Your cleaning crew will be able to access the entire building without having to work around employees or occupants, and ensure all areas of the facility will be disinfected.

If your building is empty and you’re planning to reopen at some point in the future, the time to clean is now.  Rather than scrambling to find and schedule professionals to properly clean and disinfect when you need to reopen, cleaning now will ensure your facility is ready as soon as you want to reopen – and you’ll be able to hit the ground running.  

You certainly do not want to delay resuming your business because your building hasn’t been properly cleaned!  Also, by cleaning now you will beat the rush, because if offices, government buildings, schools, and other facilities all start to reopen at around the same time, companies like CleanWorks will be inundated with cleaning and disinfecting requests.  Chances are, if you decide to have the cleaning done at that point – you may find that no company has the personnel available.

If you are an essential facility that has been operating on an ongoing basis throughout the pandemic, you already know that sanitizing and disinfecting is a must to help keep your employees and occupants safe.  Even with “social distancing” practices, the CDC reports the Coronavirus can last for days on surfaces.

In addition, regularly disinfecting and sanitizing can go a long way to lessen anxiety of your employees and make them feel more comfortable reporting to work.

Setting up recurring cleaning and disinfecting on a continuing basis is vital, since a sanitized facility will become re-infected when a sick individual enters the premises.

Let your employees and visitors know what steps you are taking to protect them – this will help put everyone’s minds at ease, and make your clients or customers more inclined to keep coming back.

If you need to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your building while open and operating (for facilities that are open 24 hours a day), we can work with you to find the best solution.

If there’s been a known or suspected case of Covid-19 inside your facility, it’s a good idea to wait to disinfect before cleaning.  According to the CDC and Harvard Medical School, the virus can survive up to 3 days on plastic and metal, which is why it would be wise to wait at least that long prior to doing any work, since the longer you wait, the lower the likelihood that any virus is still active in your facility.

That said, we need to stress that any facility with a known case of Covid-19 must be thoroughly and adequately cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected prior to that building being reopened/reoccupied.

Companies such as CleanWorks have different sanitation and disinfecting protocols, depending on whether it’s known or suspected that a virus is present.  In this case, the work would require a stricter form of cleaning and a higher level of PPE (personal protective equipment) to be worn by our cleaning crews.  The “known or suspected” virus protocols also mean that the work will be more expensive, and one of the reasons is that PPE is still in short supply, resulting in higher prices. 

Professional cleaning companies will need to know how long it has been since anyone with known/suspected virus has been in the facility, and whether other individuals have been present since – so it’s crucial to be open and transparent with these answers to ensure the proper procedures are followed and everyone remains safe.

Whether you’re a large operation or a small office, show how you care for your clients, other visitors, and employees.  Rely on CleanWorks to come in overnight for a deep cleaning and sanitization.  This gets your employees home to their families faster, so you can all start your work fresh the next day, and everyone who walks through your doors will know the quality of your business.  

Over the last three decades, CleanWorks Services Incorporated has been focused on revolutionizing the cleaning industry by blending the best quality standards in the business with the latest in cleaning technology.

Our focus is on quality, and for us “clean” means top to bottom remediation of your office, with the goal of ensuring your facility is fully sanitized and disinfected.  Our services can include all or any of the following: Janitorial Service, Facility Manager, Floor and Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Commercial Construction Cleaning Service and Day Porter Services.

From a one time cleaning to a custom, ongoing maintenance plan to keep your office looking immaculate with a schedule that works for you, it’s all about providing a healthy, stress-free, refreshed, and rejuvenated work environment.

At CleanWorks, our efforts are backed by a comprehensive insurance policy, and all of our technicians hold the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. The products we use have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our high quality standards.  

You will have peace of mind knowing that you can focus on your people and your business – and let us take care of your office with our high quality business cleaning services.

Call us at (717) 509-1453 to learn more about the Janitorial Service/ongoing maintenance plan and other services we provide, or schedule an appointment today.