Can All Carpets Be Cleaned Equally?

Carpet provides comfort and visual appeal for your home but it may be time consuming, and even difficult, to clean.  However, carpet is not that difficult to clean with the right tools, products, and know-how!

While there are general carpet cleaning guidelines, the specific type of carpet fiber and backing of the carpet you have may need special considerations.  

To extend the performance life and appearance of your carpet, routine maintenance and upkeep are essential.  The key is to know that not all carpet fibers are created equal, so you will want to check with the manufacturer about the type of carpet you have.

Make sure your cozy-soft carpet continues to look clean and new, smell fresh, and last stain-free for years with these tips:

Spot Cleaning and Stain Treatments

Especially if you have an active home with kids or pets, you may need to spot clean and use carpet stain treatments more often – but you need the right products and cleaning frequency to ensure your carpet is safe.

Again, you’ll need to know what type of carpet fiber you have to make sure the cleaner is designed for it; something that works well on polyester might be too harsh and damaging for a wool carpet.

Even products that claim to be designed for all types of carpets may wreak havoc on your specific carpet, even cause delamination of the carpet backing, discoloration, or melting of the carpet fibers.  Always first perform the spot test.

Deep Cleaning

If you have considered buying a carpet shampooer and doing it yourself to save money, here’s what you need to know: while the manufacturers make lofty claims about these machines being equivalent to a professional machine, most models available to consumers do not come close.

With regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, you should only need to deep clean your carpet every 12-18 months, unless you have an active family with kids or pets and your carpet gets soiled to the point that it needs it more frequently.

These machines are best for spot cleaning and refreshing your carpet; however, they are not meant to take the place of a yearly professional hot water extraction.

You can still use your carpet shampooer or rental machine for a mini refresher – but hiring a professional residential carpet cleaner will get you the best results possible when it comes to deep cleaning your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction

This is the ultimate key to clean carpets – the industry-accepted standard for carpet restoration.

Even an expensive DIY machine or hardware store rental cleaner lacks the heat and power to deep clean your carpet like a professional hot water extraction machine – a quality carpet washer featuring a two-tank washing system with a heating element and enough suction to remove the moisture that could otherwise become trapped in your carpet and cause problems.

CleanWorks’ truck-mounted hot water extraction system forces hot water into the fibers of your carpet, freeing the dirt and pollutants trapped inside, and then uses technology to suck the pollutant-filled water back up, leaving your carpets both clean and healthy. 

You should have your carpet professionally cleaned with a hot water extraction once a year to keep it looking like new.

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