6 Reasons to Hire Us After Your Construction Project

When there’s construction at your place of business, once the contractors have completed their job, the job of cleaning has to begin.  Dust, debris, junk and dirty windows and doors is what’s left behind on every surface, and what needs to happen now can be overwhelming.   

Here are six reasons why you should hire professional cleaning services after your construction project:

1. Safety

Safety comes first.   Since post-construction cleaning often involves hazards not found at a typical cleaning site, just like the construction project, the cleaning job must be completed in a professional and safe manner. 

All kinds of power tools, carts, ladders, and lifts may be found on site, plus there could be dangerous construction material and even active construction nearby – all posing a hazard to an unsuspecting person attempting to clean up.  

Cleaning professionals are insured for the job and have the knowledge and experience to get it done efficiently and safely, and clean up the site with no damage done to your new workplace.

2. Proper Disposal

With all the debris and waste from the construction, disposing it from a site is not as simple as it may seem.  

There are rules and local regulations in place to ensure proper disposal, and without that knowledge, one can get in trouble with the law and receive a substantial fine for dumping.  Professionals will know where the proper areas for disposal are and will do it for you, and you won’t have to deal with dirt, dust, and piles of trash.

3. Save Time

Time spent looking for the right cleaning products and materials, allocating employees to do the job and taking care of all the cleaning is better spent making money for the company.  Plus, unlike professional cleaning services, there are no guarantees that a detailed and complete clean-up will be done efficiently and effectively, so you can continue on with your work.

4. Save $$

It may seem like doing it yourself will save you and your company money, the opposite is actually true – the time you pay for all the commercial cleaning supplies, insurance for your workers and extra hours for them to clean – all add up.

Also, it’s important to understand that post construction cleaning can be tough on equipment – if you use your office vacuum, it may end up being hundreds of dollars worth of repair or replacement.

Save yourself money and headaches by hiring cleaning professionals right away. 

5. Detailed and Thorough Cleaning

Another essential part of hiring our professional cleaners is that you can have peace of mind – no need to worry about when and how the cleaning job will be done. 

We have the expertise to clean up the mess in a detailed, safe, thorough, and professional manner, with a guarantee that your new building or renovated space will be sparkling clean and ready for business.

6. Supplies and Equipment

By hiring quality professional cleaning services, you can relax knowing that the cleaners will show up organized and with the right tools and safety procedures. 

You won’t need to worry about having the right equipment, such as the powerful, industrial-grade vacuums that can handle chunks of drywall and huge amounts of dust, or an auto-scrub machine for large floor areas.  Nor will you have to worry about having the right kind and the right amount of cleaning supplies.

If you need help from a cleaning company that will handle your post-construction cleaning in a professional, safety-conscious way, rely on CleanWorks and our trustworthy team of commercial cleaning services. 

At CleanWorks, Lancaster PA’s favorite business cleaning company, our focus is on quality, and for us “clean” means top to bottom remediation of your office, with the goal of helping you reclaim your space with high-end services.

Services we offer can be tailored to fit your company’s needs, based on your facility size, mission, values, brand, budget, and more.

One of the more requested cleaning services we offer as a convenient solution is Commercial Construction Cleaning Service.  Construction creates a huge amount of dust that lands not just on surfaces but also in air vents and in between tiles, and cleaning up after construction projects without the professional help can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming and overall more expensive.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time cleaning service or a long-term solution, your satisfaction is our business, so we guarantee the best service on every job and are committed to correcting anything that has not met or exceeded your expectations.

Take steps today to receive commercial cleaning services, including construction cleaning that far exceed just the appearance of cleanliness.  To learn more about the services we provide, call us today at (717) 509-1453, or contact us online.